Aubreigh Kay Brunschwig

Art direction + DESIGN + PHOTOGRAPHY




March 2017

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the tails of summer north of the atlantic

With its towering  volcanic mountains, sweeping coastline, and gaping geothermal pools, vapor billowing from their mouths, Iceland's landscape is in a word, magic. It's unsurprisingly the cradle of life for a number of sagas and folktales that have provided base for many of today's modern fantasies. When traveling the island however, those tales become seemingly less fantastical. Teasing out what is Icelandic history and what is folktale becomes more and more difficult, and one finds herself peering around bends looking for elves or ogres. This is because they cannot be teased apart, they are one. Nearly every location on the small island is the site of a bloody scene in a saga, or home to the Huldufólk, Iceland's elf populace. Find this fine line between reality and fantasy underlying the following photos.


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